Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make a Difference -- Make your voice heard -- Global Poverty

I did not get the e-mail util this morning, but I have been thinking about what to post for Blog Action Day. I mean we have had the ONE.Org campaign banner on Make a Difference since like 2006 or something. Why isn't that poverty thing done yet?

The campaign is based on achievement of the Millenium Development Goals [United Nations] of cutting cases of extreme poverty and global disease in half by 2015.

You can take action now to help reach the goal. Here are a few ways presented by Stand Up Take Action:

Organise a free lunch/food distribution
Donate used-books / stationeries
Mosquito nets distribution
Public speech
Letters of opposition or support
Group lobbying
Overloading of facilities by emails / faxes / letters
Web online / SMS actions

We have had several posts about AIDS here on our site and also want to believe that the goal is achievable. So we are posting this in recognition of Blog Action Day. However,

This could be the beginning of a long journey, if today helps shape discussion on these important issues. What should America's role be?

Neave Asteroids