Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What have you done to make a difference in your community.

I want to hear from people who visit this site. What type of options have you done in your community to make a difference. Are you on a board for a non-profit? Do you recycle? Do you pay taxes? Do you raise your kids?

Have you ever volunteered or given to the United Way? Do you attend town hall meetings or publish your own newsletter or blog?

If not, Why? What keeps people from giving back to the community? Is it lack of time? Lack of awareness or communication?

Just some questions to get started.



Jeremy Grandstaff said...

Hi John,

Got to thinking this morning about your desire to make a difference in the Toledo community. Have you considered running for the Democratic Central or Executive committees? I believe it only take 50 signatures, and you still might be able torun. I'll talk to you later about it, but I wanted to make sure I didn't forget.

business voodoo said...

... ultimately all of my blogs are intended for the purpose of making a difference because the world i see sometimes is awfully dark.
... peaceprojects.blogspot.com is where i document my community journey to push me to find inner peace to be the change i wish to see ...
thanks for your work ... you've made me cry.
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Roland Hansen said...

It takes only five signatures of registered voters of either of the two major political parties to run for precinct committee person of the respective political party in Lucas County. If elected, the precinct committee person is automatically on the Central Committee of that political party. These elections are held in even-numbered years in the primary election and are for a two-year term. If there is a vacancy in the precinct anytime during that period, the political party Executive Committee may confirm an appointment to that position as recommended by the party chairperson.
Incidentally, it is the political party Central Committee that appoints a person to a county-wide elective position whenever that elective position held by an elected official of the same political party becomes vacant in mid-term.

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