Friday, July 25, 2008

Make a Difference -- Remember -- [No Farms, No Food tm]

At the Perrysburg Farmers Market there was a frenzy of people clouding the white tent with the "No Farms No Food" bags hanging from each end. There were pencils, brochures, postcards, and a free bag for everyone who signed up. At the local level, I did not catch the name of the donor of the bags, but the American Farmland Trust is the title link for this post.

Here is a brief snip from their overview page:

American Farmland Trust is committed to protecting the nation's best farm and ranch land and improving the economic viability of agriculture.

The AFT seeks to shape a new debate about the future of American Agriculture by outlining the debate for the Farm Bill.

Here are some links for Ohio agriculture:
For Kids-colorful and cheery
State of Ohio--statistics, up to date?
Historical Ohio--historical perspective

Nuisance complaints for farms. A complaint that can change city ordinances to keep out agriculture. A very interesting phenomenon. I love the huge cornfield next to McDonalds on Reynolds, an interesting combination for Toledo.

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Andrew MacRae said...

We are also giving away free No Farms No Food bumper stickers to raise awareness this summer!

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