Friday, July 25, 2008

Make a Difference -- Remember -- [No Farms, No Food tm]

At the Perrysburg Farmers Market there was a frenzy of people clouding the white tent with the "No Farms No Food" bags hanging from each end. There were pencils, brochures, postcards, and a free bag for everyone who signed up. At the local level, I did not catch the name of the donor of the bags, but the American Farmland Trust is the title link for this post.

Here is a brief snip from their overview page:

American Farmland Trust is committed to protecting the nation's best farm and ranch land and improving the economic viability of agriculture.

The AFT seeks to shape a new debate about the future of American Agriculture by outlining the debate for the Farm Bill.

Here are some links for Ohio agriculture:
For Kids-colorful and cheery
State of Ohio--statistics, up to date?
Historical Ohio--historical perspective

Nuisance complaints for farms. A complaint that can change city ordinances to keep out agriculture. A very interesting phenomenon. I love the huge cornfield next to McDonalds on Reynolds, an interesting combination for Toledo.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye Bye Budweiser!! Anheuser-Busch gets 70$ a share from InBev!!

The title link has the article. Wow an American giant, sold. No FDIC bailout in this case, like Fannie or Freddy.. The makers of Stella Artois now have this brand:

pic link

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Debate Between Ben Konop and Maggie Thurber?

Roland Hansen of "Roland Hansen Commentary" has initiated a call for a possible debate on the economy from former Lucas County Commissioner Maggie Thurber had this to say about a potential meeting:

I think it would be a good idea and would do my best to arrange my schedule in order to participate.

The discussion launched when Roland made the post on his blog. The Toledo Free Press titled the Article written by Thurber as "Konopnomics" and Konop's article was appropriately named "Thurbernomics".

Nothing so far on Ben Konop's Elected Official's Blog about their potential participation.

Capitol Hill Buzzing -- A perfect imphment storm.

This just in from Robert Wexler D-Fla. It seems that several items are creating a reason to hear Articles drafted by Dennis Kucinich from Cleveland. They are as follows:

• Karl Rove once again thumbed his nose at Congress and the American people by brazenly ignoring a lawful congressional subpoena to testify before the House of Representatives;

• Judiciary Chairman John Conyers indicated his willingness to use the power of inherent contempt against Rove if necessary;

• Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced another article of impeachment on Bush's lies regarding the Iraq war; and

• Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quoted today saying that the House Judiciary Committee should address the issues that Kucinich raises in the House Judiciary Committee.

Here is an interview with Mr. Kucinich by E.D. Hill on "America's Election HQ," July 10, 2008. Thanks to Fox News for the link.

The title link will expmore about the article from Op-Ed News.

Here is a link to an article describing John Conyers possible attempt to prosecute Rove for contempt.

Big Developments, let's see where it goes from here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Why Does John McCain hate bloggers?

The title link goes to Toledo Talk, which shows a video clip of McCain making a little joke about bloggers.

Does he really hate all of us?

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