Thursday, September 21, 2006

Political News (Special Issue) Post 1 of 5

The S & G Political News
Issue 3—Special Issue: Monday, September 18, 2006
The War on Drugs, The North American Union, and Sept. 11

In this issue:
1: Welcome (John Spalding)
2: The U.S. War on Drugs- Fighting the Good Fight. Right? (John Spalding)
3: The North American Union—Canada, United States, and Mexico together by 2010? (John Spalding)
4: 9/11-2001 Mourn the Dead or Find the Answers? (John Spalding)
5: Stay Tuned
6: In conclusion (John Spalding)
7: Subscription Instructions
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1: Welcome (John Spalding)

Welcome to this special “conspiracy edition” of the S&G Political Newsletter. In our political newsletters, we try to provide information to our readers that is provocative. It is meant to grab your interest and allow you to ask questions. We are going to cover three conspiracies in this issue today: The Events of September 11th 2001; The North American Union; and The United States War On Drugs. All of these topics are hot with different conspiracies and open for exploration. We provide links to different articles with different views and offer just a small bit of our interpretation in each piece.
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