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Article Summary About the Ongoing 9/11 Debate

I am going to do a "blog review" of an article that I came across my e-mail this week. The article was written by Sander Hicks as posted in the February 2nd edition of Alternet. Sander is the owner of Vox Pop a fair trade coffeehouse, bookstore, and media company.

First a disclaimer. I am coining the term "blog review" (C) because I do not want to get in trouble. I am also doing it so I can do an article summary with total disregard to laws of grammar, copyright, and paraphrasing. A blog review (c) is a summary of an article or news source, that is written in the language of the writer, and gives a summary of their highlights of the work. Since it is published in an open forum and the link to the actual article has been provided, you can read the whole thing and skip over my summary.

Blog Summary
Sander Hicks also wrote "The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle Blowers, and the Cover Up."

Recent Zogby Poll--40% Americans think there is a cover up to 9/11
Scripps Howard/ University of Ohio -- 1/3 respondents said "people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to War with the Middle East."

The left should be leading this 9/11 movement, not taking pot shots from the outside. --Zander

Some of the movements [9/11-Truth Movement] theories "towers...controlled demolition" and "no plane hit the pentagon" are loose threads.

The left has no right to ignore or insult people for trying to assemble the puzzle that is 9/11. [amen]--Zander

He had some information for us to consider:

Ass. Sec. of State Richard Amitage and then CIA Director George Tenet met with Pakistan President Musharraf extensively in Spring 2001

Pakistan's top spy Mahmood Ahmad also met with Tenet and Mark Grossman (State Dept).--Ahmad wired over $100,000 to Mohammed Atta through a U.K. national named Saeed Sheikh in the Summer of 2001.

The top people at the state department enjoyed only a few degrees of separation from 9/11's lead highjacker-Mohamed Atta.

Feb. 16, 2006-- Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer in a statement to House Armed Services Committee stated that Defense Intelligence operation ABLE DANGER, identified Mohamed Atta back in 2000 as a terrorist to worry about.

However, Shafer was thwarted from sharing his information. The ABLE DANGER team was ordered to cover up Mohamed Atta's face with a post-it! (the article said yellow sticky note, but everyone knows what it was!) The lawyers at the Pentagon claimed it was to protect the rights of "U.S. Persons."

The Department of Defense is currently denying that ABLE DANGER ever identified Mohamed Atta. However, Peter Lance, author of "Triple Cross: How Bin Ladens Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI" called the Pentagon report a whitewash that was accusing military officers lying and risking their lives by exaggerating the findings of ABLE DANGER.

Another Beauty of a Blog Review is that I can publish this and then finish it after the game. Besides this post is too long as it is.

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