Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Help Get Progressive Talk Radio Back On The Air In Columbus!

This email was sent to me from Progress Ohio.

We lost the next-to-last progressive radio station in ALL of Ohio January9, when Clear Channel terminated WTPG (Stephanie, Maddow, Franken,etc.) and replaced it with Ingraham, Savage, etc., under the new callletters WYTS.Now all we have are Rush, Rush-lite (Beck), Rush Dumb (Hannity),Rushette (Ingraham), Rush Crazy (Savage), and on and on.A group of volunteers (OhioMajorityRadio) is working to find stationsto carry progressive programming at least SOMEWHERE on our radio dial.To do this, we need to show stations that local businesses here inCentral Ohio can support progressive, rational, reality-based talk.If you own a business (dentists, travel agents, Realtors, serviceorganizations, etc.) in Central Ohio, or know an owner you can forwardthis to...we are asking for brief, non-binding, letters of interest wecan show to broadcasters. For example, the letter could simply state:"I am interested in the possibility of advertising my business duringprogressive radio programs. Broadcasters should contact me when theyhave progressive talk on their stations."--signed, on the Company letterhead.Please mail letters of interest to:OhioMajorityRadioP.O. Box 14117Columbus, OH 43214We are attempting to gather replies within the next week.To get involved with The Ohio Majority Radio volunteer group, come tohttp://www.ohiomajorityradio.com/and click the Yahoo Group button,or email info@progressohio.org
Brian RothenbergExecutive Director ProgressOhio.org
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