Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unity 08 -- Achieve Ballot Access

One way to shake up politics is to shake up the power structure that exists. Getting ballot access is one area where it will only take a few organized individuals to make a change in Washington. Organizing with Unity 08 to get a 'Unity Ticket" on the ballot can help change the pace of our country.

As each candidate panders to their base and tries to win their party nomination, some candidates will not continue to the big dance (election day 08). With Unity 08, we can organize people around the issues and elect a ticket that can be comprised of Democrats, Republicans, or Independents depending upon how each candidate reponds to what we (members of Unity 08 and our audience) feel are the issues facing America. But first we need to get Unity 08 on the ballot.

Here is a video from Shilpi Niyogi about the importance of gaining ballot access in all of the States:

To the Toledoans out there, if you want to meet up and talk about Unity '08 please send me an e-mail (on my profile page).

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