Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Dave Foster, Marketing Manager at Unity08, talks about Florida's and Michigan's decisions to move their primaries up and the Democratic party's decision not to count their votes.

With our two party system, there will be some good canidates that do not get the nod from their respective parties. If Unity '08 grows its membership, and can galvanize American's around issues to elect a Unity ticket (possibly members from both parties, or in combination with an independent) then we can elect a ticket that will change the face of politics.

I will be dedicating some posts to Unity '08 in the following months, to help build a bigger membership and reach a larger audience to help shape our presidential landscape.


unitybroth said...

John, thank you for posting about Unity08. We look forward to reuniting our country together!

Bob Roth
VP Online Marketing

Dave said...

John, thanks for posting! We need as many people putting the word out as possible to spark the country's imagination and put it into action for the good of the whole country. You're exactly right about Unity08's potential to change the face of politics WHEN enough Americans get behind it. Let's spread the word push it over the tipping point. Thanks and good for you for getting active!

I've got a request for you. Now that I've taken my first crack at a video, would you post one of yourself and why you chose to join Unity08? Let's get the ball rolling and let people stand up and be counted for taking brave steps to reclaim their country.

Thanks for your support!


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