Friday, September 28, 2007

Texas Legislature--Voting more than once, Good News Clip

This is a video of the Texas state legislature that shows how some lawmakers vote on issues brought to the table. I do not know if this is funny, disturbing, or a typical sign of our times.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bill Richardson--The Only Democrat who wants out of Iraq

Here is a video of Bill Richardson and his position on getting the troops out of Iraq. I am posting it for two reasons, one I like underdogs (I have a few Ron Paul videos up here), and two I think it demonstrates how deep this Middle East foreign policy really goes. I do not see Hillary as anything different, from a global economy or military perspective, than what we currently have in office. Her husband is a member of the Trilateral Commission just like George W. and his father. People that plan together, hold power together in my opinion.

We'll just wait and see how this all pans out.

Garofolo, Rob THomas, Rushdie, and Bill Maher

Here is a great video of the current state of the Iraq War, The failure of our local media outlets and news media in general, civilian American contractors in Iraq, and the Blackwater debacle.

Not for conservative eyes unless your ready to confront the lies.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Protests, Bush, Hypocrisy- A look into the mirror

I was happy when I heard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran was going to Columbia University for the World Leaders forum. I personally do not know the guy, so I decline to call him the names that my fellow Americans believe so vehemently.

I watched the news with interest as to what our media was going to do to this event, and in true idiot fashion they did not let me down. We decided to start it off with a grilling on 60 minutes The interviewer asked him what he liked about GWB, the Iranian president promptly threw the question back to the reporter, who replied that he liked GWB's sense of religion and Christian belief.

Here was the Presidents reply:

“What religion, please tell me, tells you as a follower of that religion to occupy another country and kill its people, please tell me, does Christianity tell its followers to do that?” Ahmadinejad asked."

Most of the protest and uproar from our country was from those who are Jewish or who are sided with Israel in terms of the conflict in the Middle East. This article clearly outlines some of the discussion about the impact the visit may have on the state of Israel

As you may or may not know the president of Iran questions the truth behind 9/11 and the holocaust, although he does admit that both did in fact happen. We are heating up for war with Iran, as part of the neo-conservative PNAC, as our work in Iraq will be continuing until Americans rise up, or by happenstance we happen to elect someone who will get us the hell out of there.

What I really thought was funny was this coverage the whole weekend. I heard flaming radio idiot Micheal Savage, not deserving of a link, talk about how the visit was cancelled. Liar. Then the coverage of the protests began on Sunday night. However, when the cameras were outside the University, the protesters just "called it a night", but we were reassured by our friends the reporters that the protesters would be back in the morning, and they were.

What is interesting is how quick most Americans are to judge. People hate the middle east because of 9/11 and believe that our government is keeping us safe from terrorism. People who oppose this stupid war an Oil Policy not a terrorist hunt, Greenspan et al have confirmed that, are made to feel like fools by our fellow Americans and are spied on by our own intelligence officers If we protest the war we are idiots, but if we protest another countries president it is ok and encouraged. There are those who do not even think Iran is a global threat, but we [Americans] will go along with what we are told by our friends on the hill and in the media.

However the real kicker is that this is the second year in a row where Ahmadinejad has challenged our president to a world forum debate, and the second year he has refused. I for one would pay up to 75$ to watch the debate between the two presidents on pay-per-view. I am not joking. However, most people know that our president barely gets through the State of the Union Addresses' and press hearings looking credible; let alone an actual debate [not including our sissified presidential debates].


I know I am putting myself out there with this post, but that is my reaction to this news story. I will just sit back and see how this all pans out, as I am in no position to make a difference on this matter.

"Make a Difference" Donate Life Straw

I was watching the news this evening and I watched the story about the state of the drinking water in India. I did a little research and found two articles that talk about the growing water crisis and a discussion about water that should belong to the commons. During my research and witnessing of the news I remembered the LifeStraw, a device made by Vestergaard Frandsen that actually filters water as people use the device.

If you have some extra cash, you should look into contacting the Rotary Club of Menorca Spain in the title link.

One criticism of the news article and the problem of drinking water is that the Asia LifeStraw office is in New Dehli India! Why doesn't India embrace a product that has been proven effective to help with its water crisis?

Anyway, the LifeStraw seems like a good little gadget to help drinking water isssues in developing countries.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robin Weirauch running for vacated seat in Congress

Robin Weirauch has made her announcement to run for the Congressional seat that was vacated by the passing of Paul Gillmor. Gillmor was a well respected leader but Robin made a heavy dent in her 2006 campaign where she garnered 43% of the vote. Here is a copy of her canidacy announcement for this special election.

Make a Difference-- Buddy Walk for a cause!!

You don't always have to give money to make a difference, in fact volunteering and actively working give a much better immediate "return on investment" than sending an organization a check. The National Down Syndrome Society is havings its annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness. Northwest ohio will have its Buddy Walk on October 7th at the Lucas County Rec. Center at 11a.m.

As an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities, I am aware of the struggle to stop hurtful language and limit stigma for these individuals. The link has contact information and more info about the Buddy Walk.

Bush setting up to invade Iran, Cheney wants war, Condi wants diplomacy.

This is a great article from the from Philip Sherwell and Tim Shipman. It outlines CIA intelligence that is looking like a set up for a War with Iran. Condoleezza Rice sufficient capital hill support for military efforts and Cheney justs think we should invade them now. Here are two great passages from the article:

The source said: "When you go down there and see the body language, you can see that Cheney is still The Man. Condi pushed for diplomacy but she is no dove. If it becomes necessary she will be on board." LOL, Who was the source? A soap opera writer? Cheney is the ringmaster theorists win this round.

"The Sunday Telegraph has been told that Mr Bush has privately promised her that he would consult "meaningfully" with Congressional leaders of both parties before any military action against Iran on the understanding that Miss Rice would resign if this did not happen." So Condi is telling that that "this time" you need to make sure you have the support of the house and congress or she'll walk, you wouldn't be the first to walk out on this administration honey, you should have done it a while ago.

I wonder, even when presented with this scenario why people believe that this is still a reaction to the 9/11 attacks rather than an administration that has a larger strategy? President Bush already said in his address that the war will last into the next administration. They seem to want to control the oil in the Middle East(just trying to keep our prices down, man), not fight terrorism. As some people know just this morning, American troops arrested an Iranian Agent in Iraq this morning.

I will continue to watch this story, I hope you do to. I think that it is time to stop responding to 9/11 in Iraq, this is an outright strategy to control the Middle East. By our silence, we are allowing our government elect take us into yet another war. But is it a war? How will we know when we are done? Iran is next, then who?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

G1NTOL Live Blogging at Artomatic 419 This weekend.

We are going to be blogging live on the g1ntol blog this weekend at Artomatic 419 Lite!

Feel free to come by or e-mail me interesting comments about art and personal expression. I will try to include everything I can, including pictures, videos, and posts.

Funny Pic!

Neave Asteroids