Thursday, November 29, 2007

The North American Union, The Amero, SPP, and The Trilateral Commission

Here is another article from our friends at about the media cover up on plans for a North American Union.

It seems our media is out to get us and the power elites in our world desire one world government. What to do, what to do.....

This link is well written, embedded with videos and actual information. Make sure to read it with a keen eye and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unity 08 -- Achieve Ballot Access

One way to shake up politics is to shake up the power structure that exists. Getting ballot access is one area where it will only take a few organized individuals to make a change in Washington. Organizing with Unity 08 to get a 'Unity Ticket" on the ballot can help change the pace of our country.

As each candidate panders to their base and tries to win their party nomination, some candidates will not continue to the big dance (election day 08). With Unity 08, we can organize people around the issues and elect a ticket that can be comprised of Democrats, Republicans, or Independents depending upon how each candidate reponds to what we (members of Unity 08 and our audience) feel are the issues facing America. But first we need to get Unity 08 on the ballot.

Here is a video from Shilpi Niyogi about the importance of gaining ballot access in all of the States:

To the Toledoans out there, if you want to meet up and talk about Unity '08 please send me an e-mail (on my profile page).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Ghostbusters Video Game--Original Cast signs on to participate.

Who You Gonna Call?

Just found this article today, the original cast of ghostbusters is reuniting to lend their voices and faces to a revamped Ghostbusters game on all major platforms. The aticle from the BBC said the game will be out late next year (Christmas time, I',m sure).

Thanks to zero g for his great photo with the infamous g-busters cigar smokin' villan slimer!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Video from

Dave Foster, Marketing Manager at Unity08, talks about Florida's and Michigan's decisions to move their primaries up and the Democratic party's decision not to count their votes.

With our two party system, there will be some good canidates that do not get the nod from their respective parties. If Unity '08 grows its membership, and can galvanize American's around issues to elect a Unity ticket (possibly members from both parties, or in combination with an independent) then we can elect a ticket that will change the face of politics.

I will be dedicating some posts to Unity '08 in the following months, to help build a bigger membership and reach a larger audience to help shape our presidential landscape.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Make a Difference : Buy a child a laptop and get one for your family.

One Laptop per Child begins its kickoff program where US citizens can purchase a laptop for $399 and the Organization will donate 1 laptop to a child in a developing country.

Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman of the program has this as the purpose of the organization:

"The OLPC Foundation's mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries."

Here is a link that takes you directly to the hardware specifications of the 1LPC laptop.

I think this is a great idea with a lot of potential, but I also think that we need more programs focused on increasing our populations access to affordable computers. A lot of youth and families cannot afford current prices and this type of product would be beneficial for ensuring their access to good computers and the web.

Attention non-profit grant writers: Use this 1LPC program to get affordable laptops for your school or youth program. Use half of the laptops to get affordable laptops for your program and then the other laptops are already donated for you and you can use it in your pr that your group donated through the program. You might even go as far as, starting a web-based "pen pal" program with the children who recieve the laptops.

Mass production for the laptops is already underway and the program may have a rival sooner than they hope.

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