Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekly Wrap UP

My highlights of the week for my three favorite topics.


Steven Colbert at the Washington Press Dinner. Actually, I have a link to Google Video Beta of his portion. It was a brave and challenging task to undertake. Definitely worth a view.

Ohio Governor Race Tightens up-- Ted Strickland crushed out a victory on the Democratic ticket and Blackwell won a tight contest in the Republican family values fest. This is going to be a fun race to listen to. If you have an opinion on either of the canidates or the race in general, put it here. Here are their websites:

Ken Blackwell--

Ted Strickland--

Religion--Does Hell Exist?

Here is a good debate on about a few different viewpoints of Hell in afterlife. There is a Hell, Yes link and a Hell, No link so be sure to check out both.


The Cavaliers Win 1st Playoff Series in 13 Years!--The Cavs won the series off an open jump shot by amon ones (No D- No J), who dumped his year long shooting slump, for 14 clutch seconds (his only ones of the game) in game six.

Disk Golf is Fun--There is only one place to play in
Toledo but the surrounding area is pretty involved as well. Here is a link from a website that promotes Greater Ohio Events and Activities. If you have never played, don't worrry just look up some of the basics, pick up a disk and get outside.

I will be in next weekend for more Politics, Religion and Sports, feel free to respond to my links, or publish your own.

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