Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekly Wrap Up

Here are this weeks picks.


Cavs Out-- A great season by LJ and the other CAVS this season. They stunk up the joint today though, so, Good luck to the Pistons. Thanks to Yahoo Sports for the link article.

Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs Brawl--Here is a link to "The Next Frontier" website and they have the You Tube video extraction. Always good when mayhem erupts, keeps the world in balance.


Secular Influences = Low Birth Rate = Pope Sees a Problem-- Thanks to Yahoo News for this fascinating article. The Pope (Here is one of Pope Benedict's messages provided by is holding secularism, aka "social ills and moral ambiguities", to blame for Canada's low birthrate. However, gay marriage is still frowned upon, unless you are in Spain, Thanks BBC. To learn more about secularism you can check out The Secular Web.


Big Ray is the Mayor of The Chocolate City..Again--Thanks to The Scotsman for this article. Remember, there is always an opportunity to Make A Difference if you give to hurricane relief.

Unity Government--Iraq is looking to approve the plan for a unity style organization that balances the three religious/philosophical factions of the country. The initial link is from Fox News and here is another article taken from a Qatar website Gulf Times. You can also see more perspectives on the issue here: on Counter Punch--a political newsletter.

Be back Next Sunday, hopefully after I see X-3, link by Rotten Tomatoes.

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