Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekly Wrap Up

Here are my favorite topics this week.


Cavs finally win.--Here is a link to the Cleveland Cavaliers Home Page. They put together a nice win on Sat. May 13th, after two losses in Detroit earlier this week.

Happy Mothers Day--Cleveland Browns cornerback Daylon McCuthcheon graduates from college, fufilling a promise to his mother. Good Job.

(Fond memories today for my mother Rebecca, who passed away in December 1999.)


Sam Harris- An atheist's view of the current events of religion. provided the interview with one of today's most provacative belief leaders.

Kenneth Phifer Sermon--Ken is the consulting minister for the Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Here is one of his sermons about what God is and how we can tackle discussions about God in modern day America.

DaVinci Code on Friday May 19th--Get Your Conspiracy On!--Here is a link to the Book, you can get to the Sony Movie section from there.


The Online Progresive Caucus--Sign up now. Progressives, Moderates, rational people, and people looking for a change. Join the discussion and help move the country forward!

A letter from the president of Iran-- Thank you to Information Clearing House for the link to the full text of the letter. I am sure the "liberal media" won't talk to much about it, but it is good to look at all sides of the issue. Even from our administration, thanks to Fox News!

See you next Sunday! Any feedback or comments are welcomed.

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