Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush Illegally Silences Critic of Iran Policy

Flynt Leverett -- former CIA analyst, NSC member and established foreign policy expert -- has written an op-ed for the NYT bashing the Bush admin. for it's failed policies towards Iran...

Again...Americans...do not speak up against our administration...it is unpatriotic....please try to keep that in mind ok?

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Anonymous said...


a buch of senators and congress men pas the patriot act without reading it.

protestors are beaten at republican national convention.

a drunk is in the white house, oppossed by all except the blindest,most slavish supporters for an unjust oil-war for oilmocracy in iraq!

we cannot get a living wage increase but we have money for war and prisons?

we are ratrtling saber at iran for another war...all this and more AND YOU don't want us to complain about our government.

you had better start using you free speech right WHILE you still have them!!

John Spalding said...

i was joking, sorry i did not put the smiley emoticon on my post :)

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