Monday, December 11, 2006

The Iraq Study Report-Update from Joe Biden on 12/7/06

I received the following email and thought it might start some discussion on the Iraq Report. Please let us know your thoughts.

A brief update on the the final Iraq Study Group report, which was released today. The Iraq Study Group's report is important, necessary, but not sufficient to achieve the objective most Americans want: to leave Iraq without leaving chaos behind.
The report's most valuable contribution is to make clear that staying the course in Iraq is not an option. Thanks to the Iraq Study Group's efforts, the central question is no longer whether to stay in Iraq, but when and how, to responsibly leave. What is missing from the report, however, is a strategy for sustaining a political settlement among Iraqis so they stand together instead of falling apart.

I plan to hold intensive and extensive hearings on Iraq to shine a light on what options remain for America in Iraq, and will send further updates when those hearings begin.

Thank you,

Joe Biden

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