Thursday, December 07, 2006

Net Neutrality -- the longstanding principle that prevents Internet providers from discriminating between Web sites

Here is a website for an online letter to be sent to your Congress and Senate representatives and the FCC. To warn them about rubber stamping the merger between AT&T and Bell South and maintain net neutrality. If you do not know the issues of net neutrality please do a little research and decide if this is really an issue that you stand behind.

The online letter is provided by "Free Press dot Net" a nonpartisan organization who works in media reform and advocacy.


HandsOff43 said...

John - As you suggested, I would like to encourage your readers to do their research on net neutrality. I work with Hands Off the Internet and we oppose net neutrality regulations because they will stifle innovation and lead to increased costs to the consumer.

I refer you to an article in Forbes that elaborates on the unintended consequences of net neutrality.

John Spalding said...

Thanks handsoff43 for presenting an alternate opinion to the post.

John Spalding said...

Here is another article from "Free Press dot Net" about the merger issue.

I understand the importance of competition and how that impacts the market and business advantages. However, the Net Neutrality issue for me has to do with real people with real access to the internet. Not an online experience that is similar to driving down anytown USA where there is a McDonalds, Best Buy, and Wal Mart. Organizations and Affluent people will be able to drive the primary content of the internet. I prefer to ensure Net Neutrality and let the internet drive new ways of thinking, learning, advertising and connecting with a diverse group of people.

However from the Forbes article you listed above, the new Rebuplican Senator appointed to the committee will break the 2-2 tie in your favor.

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