Saturday, May 26, 2007

Make a Difference joins Pay Per Post.

To all thirteen of our faithful (daily average for the month) readers,

We are now going to post Pay Per Post offers on our Make a Difference Blog. We hope that you consider this act of shameless advertising more as a means of giving us the ability to continue doing our creative media work rather than "pimps" of internet marketers.

ads on blogs

We believe we are both, but only want to mention it just this once. Anyway, if History Mike can do it, then so can we dammit!

Anyway, pay per post is pretty easy,

1. You sign up and get you blog approved.
2. Look at the opportunities you are qualified for. (we do not qualify for many, yet)
3. Decide whether or not you want to "Pimp" I mean post.
4. Post
5. Wait for people to blast you for your posting a piece of crap or thank you for making their day with products, websites, software programs, and other items offered to write about.

Please feel free to comment on this post or any other for that matter. Also, you get to choose what items you want to sponsor on your site. We will try to be selective!! We love feedback.

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