Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Click Here To Make Your Next Hotel Reservation

I thought this would be a good site to review, since I am always booking my travel online. The name of the site is Hotel Reservations . com and they are similar to other online travel sites. I went online and did a few searches on some of their pages. The page navigation was easy, the layout of the site made it easy to follow, and the content is easy to read and laid out well.

The site has several options for choosing your travel needs. You can book hotels, flights, rental cars, or package all of the options together, making for easy travel itineraries. They also have golf destinations, resorts, and vacation packages as options to search for on their site. I did a search for Hotel, Flight and Car from Detroit to Orlando and found prices comparable to other sites. The site does offer a discount club, group rates, and a special internet rate guarantee.

It appears from the site that Hotel Reservations will match a trip price if booked online (with criteria) or let you out of an existing trip if you find a lower priced option. Obviously they are not covering New Years Eve or the Superbowl, but if you find cheaper fares online, they are at least willing to work with you. I will be sure to check them out for future travel plans. Click here for-- Cheap Hotels

They have English and Spanish available as languages on their site. They also have several different numbers for different countries to dial up and make their travel plans, providing enough numbers to make a small rolodex out of just their information. So for the next business meeting, family vacation, or quiet trip to Las Vegas, make sure you check out Hotel Reservations . com as part of your trip planning. This was a sponsored post!

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