Thursday, June 28, 2007

Digg Link--Cheney claims a non-executive privilege - Los Angeles Times

"He asserts he's exempt from showing an agency how his office keeps secrets because he's not fully part of the administration."

This is the last digg of the night. I just wouldn't be complete without linking to this article which explains the laughable and arrogant statements made by our VP. These guys are non-compliant, crooked and corrupt. They will try to outlast any loophole that will keep them from transparency. Cover it up and let's hope the people don't fight back. Well they're right. Americans won't fight back because our national politics have been influenced by complete hacks who only know smear campaigns and misleading information. Citizens don't trust "the other side" and thus we are divided, which is why when we are faced with people who truly do not have the best interest of every citizen at heart, we all fall down.

Here is another article discussing the 217-209 vote in opposition of defunding the office of the VP. So sad it failed, but it only lost by 9 votes. I say keep on this administration and you will uncover how bad they are for our country.

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