Thursday, June 28, 2007

Digg Link--Cheney claims a non-executive privilege - Los Angeles Times

"He asserts he's exempt from showing an agency how his office keeps secrets because he's not fully part of the administration."

This is the last digg of the night. I just wouldn't be complete without linking to this article which explains the laughable and arrogant statements made by our VP. These guys are non-compliant, crooked and corrupt. They will try to outlast any loophole that will keep them from transparency. Cover it up and let's hope the people don't fight back. Well they're right. Americans won't fight back because our national politics have been influenced by complete hacks who only know smear campaigns and misleading information. Citizens don't trust "the other side" and thus we are divided, which is why when we are faced with people who truly do not have the best interest of every citizen at heart, we all fall down.

Here is another article discussing the 217-209 vote in opposition of defunding the office of the VP. So sad it failed, but it only lost by 9 votes. I say keep on this administration and you will uncover how bad they are for our country.

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Digg Clip-- Report : Pentagon Can't Account For $19 Billion Spent On Iraqi Forces

"The Pentagon "cannot report in detail how many of the 346,500 Iraqi military and police personnel that the coalition trained are operational today," according to the 250-page report. "We have no idea what our $19 billion has gotten us," said Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Mass.), chairman of the Armed Services subcommittee on oversight and investigations"

Again I see that transparency is a problem. Are you telling me that with the onset of computers, technology and Microsoft excel or some other higher end database software that our governemnt does not track the money it spends in Iraq? You have got to be kidding me. Oh well, huh, life goes on you know. Governments sucks, but oh well, they'll never change.

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Digg Clip--White House exerts executive privilege on documents

"The White House, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserted executive privilege Thursday and rejected lawmakers' demands for documents that could shed light on the firings of federal prosecutors. Bush's lawyer says he does it "with much regret.""

To Me, lack of transparency = something to hide.

No one wants to believe that this group is corrupt and willing to pull out all the stops to get out of office untarnished. They do not answer to the people, they do not listen to others. The simple fact that these guys are still in office baffles me. What is worse is that people defend them and will believe they are great people and pass that on for generations. It is utterly ridiculous.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WWE Superstar Chris Benoit is Dead--Apparent Murder Suicide

Oh Man,

As a wretling fan (haven't watched since the WWE took ownership of every company) I always like to watch the "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit. He used to head butt people from the top rope and he could jump halfway across the ring. He also used to pick people up and slam them three times in a row, in a fashion that the other wrestler would actually have to get up in motion only to be slammed again. If I were a pro wrestler I would have refused to let him do that to me three times as I would have laid motionless after the first slam and refused to move.

Anyway it is plastered all ver the news that his wife and son were murdered and that he committed suicide by hanging himself with a cable from a weight bench. I included a link from MTV in the title and this article from the Edmonton Sun. The Edmonton Sun article is a review that his wife once filed for domestic violence charges, which she later dropped. She also refused to get a restraining order on him. Well, now they are all dead.

My buddy and I were discussing how it could very easily have been "roid rage" and clearly the "Guardian Unlimited" wanted to know as well. They describe "roid rage" in the article as "explosive outbursts" brought on by using steroids.

We also wondered if his son and wife were put in the "Crippler Crossface", which was Chris's patented strangulation wresting move with a link from "Everything 2". If you are going to go so far as to kill your wife and son, why not use a patented wrestling move? (I am not trying to make light of the loss of this family, but I believe I am distanced enough from all of them that I can freely make the statement. My heart does go out for all of the families involved)


There were bibles left next to the two victims. They are currently treating it as a murder suicide and it looks like it will remain that way.

Its a mad mad world.

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They have English and Spanish available as languages on their site. They also have several different numbers for different countries to dial up and make their travel plans, providing enough numbers to make a small rolodex out of just their information. So for the next business meeting, family vacation, or quiet trip to Las Vegas, make sure you check out Hotel Reservations . com as part of your trip planning. This was a sponsored post!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Brown and Orange--My New Sports Blog!!

I have a new blog to report all of my rants and raves about everyone's favorite professional footbal team in Cleveland. Nope not St. Ed's or St. Ignatius. Feel free to add the site to your list if you too are a fan of the Brown and Orange!! If you want to be a contributor or support crew please let me know, I would love for the blog to take off.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dear 11 Daily Readers (on average)

It has been 13 days since my last post and I feel terrible. I have not been up do date with my posting and I missed a few things in no order:

Paris in jail
Paris out of jail
paris in jail
failed "no confidence" vote in the senate
Recall Carty Campaign
J-Fo and the school board
UT Creating Hybrids
Robert Jobe tried as an adult


Sorry about being gone, please come back as this summer is sure to be grand. You might also check out for some a new type of media company. That g1ntol guy sure seems fun.

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