Friday, March 16, 2007

Attorney General, Karl Rove, The plot thickens

Kyle Sampson-attorney general's chief of staff--Subpoenaed.

This is a link to an article written by Ari Shapiro found at npr.

"As more documents dribble out, they continue to damage Gonzales' standing with critics. "

"The exchange also shows White House adviser Karl Rove playing an early role in planning the dismissals. "

As for Karl Rove, Ari highlights a note left for a White House Lawyer that said, "Karl Rove stopped by to ask you how we planned to proceed regarding U.S. attorneys. Whether we were going to allow all to stay, request resignations from all and accept only some of them, or selectively replace them, etc."


Rove had this to say:

""I just ask the American people and ask Congress to look fairly and carefully at what's being said and done now."


Patrick Leahy, as reported earlier, has subpoenaed 5 Justice officials

and it goes on...

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caroline said...

Karl...where ARE you?

LOL, from Amerciablog:

Come out, come out, wherever you are...we've got subpoenas...

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