Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

Here is a press release from the National Security Whistleblowers Commission. A former spacial agent for the FBI is claiming that there is “... reasonable belief that the request for ELSUR [electronic surveillance] coverage was a subterfuge to collect evidentiary information concerning public corruption matters.”

The press release also states that "Graham blew the whistle on this illegal behavior, but the actions were covered up by the Department of Justice and the Attorney General’s office."

Dennis Hastert is reported as having this to do with the activities: "involved in illegal activities with the Turkish organizations and personnel targeted in FBI investigations"

Sibel Edmonds--former (she was fired, of course) FBI language scpecialist was quoted by David Rose of Vanity Fair as saying, "...much of what Edmonds reportedly heard seemed to concern not state espionage but criminal activity. There was talk, she told investigators, of laundering the profits of large-scale drug deals and of selling classified military technologies to the highest bidder.”

The unclassified report is available online

Please click on the link for the full press release.

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