Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iran Sanctions Agreement

The Big Six (Britain, United States, France, Russia, China and Germany) agreed to some sanctions on Iran to decrease weapons development and shipping. The 15 member U.N. security council will vote on the sanctions next week.

Some of the sanctions include (from Reuters Article in the link):

"a ban on Iranian arms exports, an assets freeze on individuals and firms involved in Tehran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs and a call for nations and institutions to bar new grants or loans"

The president of Iran had this to say:

"Issuing such torn pieces of paper ... will not have an impact on (the) Iranian nation's will,"

I am glad that the U.N. was able to get "the powers" to actually meet and develop sanctions this time. We'll see if it works. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems more obstinate and passive aggressive than Saddam.

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Roland Hansen said...

It's about time that the major powers got together on this one. However, I fear the Iranian President may be correct; I doubt the sanctions as postulated will have any effect.

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