Sunday, March 04, 2007

Leave it to San Francisco

University of California at San Francisco has been smoking pot again, oh I mean studying pot. It looks like the "devil weed" has properties that relieve pain that most legal narcotics cannot alleviate.
It seems it can help this crazy "hippie" ailment called Neuropathic Pain. Oh Yeah sure! Here is what the alternet article said:

"Neuropathic pain is notoriously resistant to treatment with conventional pain drugs. Even powerful and addictive narcotics like morphine and OxyContin often provide little relief. This study leaves no doubt that marijuana can safely ease this type of pain."

Then as if that wasn't far fetched enough, to top it off the article reported that the researchers had the audacity to say the "illegal" weed the government gave them wasn't good enough:

"As all marijuana research in the United States must be, the new study was conducted with government-supplied marijuana of notoriously poor quality. So it probably underestimated the potential benefit."

So if they had some Maui Wowie (this website is called grass city, for a minute I thought Lisa Renee at Glass City changed her format!!) or Acapulco Gold who knows what ailments may up and disappear. Pizza delivery drivers beware!

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Roland Hansen said...

OH, oh! Does this mean I should not go to San Francisco in April for a business and leisure trip as planned??? Gosh, the airline, hotel, and car rental have already been reserved>

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