Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Go Vermont

Six towns in Vermont have gathered signatures to file paperwork to Impeach President Bush. The congress representative does not want to investigate their claims of "unanswered questions" about 9/11, so they are doing it on their own.

You go, Vermont. Let's see how far you get!


Roland Hansen said...

Well, it's about time! Vermont takes the lead that the House should have taken a few years back. Then if the Senate would have done its part after the House had done its
oh wait, then we'd have Haliburton Cheney as President. Shucks, we just can't win. I feel like Gore; even if I win the popular vote, I wind up a loser in the end.

John Spalding said...

yup, well put

Vigilante said...

Impeach Cheney First!

Chris said...

It would definitely be a packaged deal

Provident 360 said...

Revelation 13:5 - Are we in this 42 month period?

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