Monday, October 01, 2007

Iraq War, Blackwater, Military Industrial Complex, Corruption

This is a good video from the Bill Moyers journal. It outlines some of the corruption, politicking, and private scandal that is the Iraq Occupation [it is a war no more]. Namely:

*2008 -- Will be the most expensive year to date for this military plan. [When I am older, I will refuse to pay for this sham]

* 6 Billion in contracts under criminal review.
* 88 Billion in contracts audited for criminal fraud.
* Shey Assad- Dept. of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy -- "We have not done a good job at educating our leadership...on the ground on "doing contracting""
* 630 Private companies are under U.S government employment in Iraq [Bigger than Blackwater]
* There is no financial reporting
*Whistleblower Rober Isakson talks about a scheme where hee was asked to file fake invoices for work. The company allegedly recieved 10 million for 3 million worth of work [ahhh. America]
* Condi Rice is holding off the release of key Blackwater documents.

Thanks Bill for keeping it real :)

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