Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We are change, Info Wars, Neo Cons, PNAC, Iran War

Now I know most of our country does not believe any of the dissent with regards to 9/11 and how that tragedy really occurred. A close look at the evidence, rather than what was pumped to us via our steadfast media does tell a very different story. However, the point of this post is not to discuss that tragic event at all, rather to discuss two groups that are steadfast in trying to decompress the media that we are confronted with on a daily basis and searching for the truth.

I consider these types of New Media outlets to be one of my preferred sources for stories and perspectives that the big conglomerates don't follow or don't find "newsworthy". And since the drum up to the Iran War seems to be going full force, it seems clearer to me that this occupation of Iraq is just the starting point. Iran is next, and we will occupy and dominate a good portion of the Middle East in the next decade (unless we do something).

One is Alex Jones--he has a site called Info-Wars and a daily radio show where he is able to discuss and interview people that "mainstream media" would consider "conspiracy theorists". His site is full of information regarding Gun Control, 9/11 Investigations, North American Union, and the economy etc.

The Next site is We Are Change. They are a relatively new group of miscreants, who arm themselves with cameras (sometimes) and "invade" Book Discussions, TV Shows (Bill Maher, lately), and other public figure interviews looking to find and demand the truth behind 9/11.

The reason I am posting this today is because we are change confronted NeoConservative (a former liberal by the way) Norman Poderetz at a book signing and asked him some tough questions about the PNAC, The Iraq War, and the possibility of Bombing Iran. The video is a great watch as you can see, even some people who were not with the We Are Change group actually confront Mr. Poderetz on some of his views regarding "Islamofascism". Towards the end, you can see that he has had enough and looses his cool, telling on audience member to "just shut up". Here is the write up of Poderetz and his relationship to George W. Bush and his current campaign candidate Rudy Giuliani.

In conclusion, I am not sure what I believe to be the truth yet, I get my news from various sources, and these sites alone do not make the "truth" but represent a more holistic picture than just watching tv or reading the daily newpaper.

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mud_rake said...

John- looks like the two of us had the same alarming brainwave when we heard that Norman Podhoretz is back again hawking for a war with Iran.

As you point out, he is Rudy's adviser on foreign affairs which is truly alarming.

We need to get the word out on this neocon rat pack and their influence in the GOP!

Neave Asteroids