Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Make a Difference: [Realize] The Outsized Power of Young People to Change The World

Everyone wants to know how they can make a difference. You make a difference by being in the mindset of making a difference. If you believe you can change the world around you, then the best thing you can do is go out and do it. I am very big on values. When I talk with people we usually have a discussion of theories and values. What are your theories about how our world works? What values do you live by? They are different for everyone, but the more in tune people get with these questions they better they are at being leaders and being people. I searched the site for a while because I was intrigued by the post and found this post about Values in the 21st Century. I said Yes, Yes those are good. So here they are:

1.Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
2.The Individual is more important than the corporation
3.Those who make the mess, should clean it up.
4.Collaboration between people is more important than government efforts. And more effective.
5.You can make an impact. To magnify your impact, collaborate with others.
6.Don’t blindly trust your leaders.
7.Don’t blindly believe the media.

These are values that I can rally around, and these are values that can Make a Difference. What are yours? How would you change the world?

Here is the write up of the original post:

Individuals can change the world, and for us to change the course that society is on it will be individuals that will have to lead the changes. It’s only individual people who have the ability to change the world when it comes to environmental issues.

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Mandy Daniel said...

This post hits home because I think that for those of us who wear the "helping hat" in our lives in some way....values are what it's all about...I might add the simple but maybe understated rule of thumb we're always telling kids..."treat others as you would like to be treated"....I do believe that if the world would operate more by this rule...then everyone will at some point turn and look at each other and realize that "yes, I am a little narcissistic and mean...maybe it's time I change my mindframe"...obviously this is not the key to changing the world as a whole..but people should be held accountable for how they treat others...because in the all has an awful lot to do with how so and so up there on the food chain treated so and so and caused a third so and so to be in a world of trouble...

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