Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We are change, Info Wars, Neo Cons, PNAC, Iran War

Now I know most of our country does not believe any of the dissent with regards to 9/11 and how that tragedy really occurred. A close look at the evidence, rather than what was pumped to us via our steadfast media does tell a very different story. However, the point of this post is not to discuss that tragic event at all, rather to discuss two groups that are steadfast in trying to decompress the media that we are confronted with on a daily basis and searching for the truth.

I consider these types of New Media outlets to be one of my preferred sources for stories and perspectives that the big conglomerates don't follow or don't find "newsworthy". And since the drum up to the Iran War seems to be going full force, it seems clearer to me that this occupation of Iraq is just the starting point. Iran is next, and we will occupy and dominate a good portion of the Middle East in the next decade (unless we do something).

One is Alex Jones--he has a site called Info-Wars and a daily radio show where he is able to discuss and interview people that "mainstream media" would consider "conspiracy theorists". His site is full of information regarding Gun Control, 9/11 Investigations, North American Union, and the economy etc.

The Next site is We Are Change. They are a relatively new group of miscreants, who arm themselves with cameras (sometimes) and "invade" Book Discussions, TV Shows (Bill Maher, lately), and other public figure interviews looking to find and demand the truth behind 9/11.

The reason I am posting this today is because we are change confronted NeoConservative (a former liberal by the way) Norman Poderetz at a book signing and asked him some tough questions about the PNAC, The Iraq War, and the possibility of Bombing Iran. The video is a great watch as you can see, even some people who were not with the We Are Change group actually confront Mr. Poderetz on some of his views regarding "Islamofascism". Towards the end, you can see that he has had enough and looses his cool, telling on audience member to "just shut up". Here is the write up of Poderetz and his relationship to George W. Bush and his current campaign candidate Rudy Giuliani.

In conclusion, I am not sure what I believe to be the truth yet, I get my news from various sources, and these sites alone do not make the "truth" but represent a more holistic picture than just watching tv or reading the daily newpaper.

Don't forget me when I'm gone...

Dear 11 daily readers, I appologize for my absence over the last two weeks. My laptop crashed at home and I was sick with a viral infection, hindering my ability to get to a functioning computer. I am all better now and looking to kick into full gear.

Make sure you check out this site and my blog for the iptv site to keep up on some current campaigns. If you want to take part in working with me I would love to hear from you.

I think that I am going to shy away from my progressive roots for this year's presidential ticket. I like the ideas proposed by Unity 08 and I think this is a more effective use of my desire to be involved in presidential elections. It is also an idea that I think is crucial to helping our country move beyond our individual differences and start working together to find common ground and Make a Difference.

As more develops, I hope you will take notice.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Make a Difference--Click on the new links.

The new links are for a site named and they offer several webpages, where just on click can Make a Difference. I chose to include links for Literacy, Breast Cancer, Hunger, and Child Health. I opted out on a link to their Rainforest and Animal Rescue site.

Either way, click on my links and go to to visit the sites and get more information.

Here is a quote from their main site:

"Our websites bring together communities that care, giving you the power to make a difference in the world with simple, every day actions."

Please let me know if you click on any of the links.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ron Paul -- 5 Million for the Third Quarter

There is nothing I love better than the underdog and trust me 2008 will be the year of the underdog. The parties will select their nominees, but the people will elect the president. I would like to see the highest turnout for any presidential election since '69, but I also really want a candidate who can affect substantive change in our country.

I have voted democrat and independent for the last two elections, and I am still undecided for this upcoming election. I do know who I do not want, but if you read any of my posts or comments, you can probably figure that out.

I wanted to share with you a video that Ron Paul made/had filmed in 1987. He has not changed much around his viewpoints and it is staggering to see some of [what I see/feel] are truths to this day. It is originally from a Libertarian Site -- On Second Thought, and any fan of independent media is a friend of mine, unless of course, nevermind...

Make a Difference: [Realize] The Outsized Power of Young People to Change The World

Everyone wants to know how they can make a difference. You make a difference by being in the mindset of making a difference. If you believe you can change the world around you, then the best thing you can do is go out and do it. I am very big on values. When I talk with people we usually have a discussion of theories and values. What are your theories about how our world works? What values do you live by? They are different for everyone, but the more in tune people get with these questions they better they are at being leaders and being people. I searched the site for a while because I was intrigued by the post and found this post about Values in the 21st Century. I said Yes, Yes those are good. So here they are:

1.Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
2.The Individual is more important than the corporation
3.Those who make the mess, should clean it up.
4.Collaboration between people is more important than government efforts. And more effective.
5.You can make an impact. To magnify your impact, collaborate with others.
6.Don’t blindly trust your leaders.
7.Don’t blindly believe the media.

These are values that I can rally around, and these are values that can Make a Difference. What are yours? How would you change the world?

Here is the write up of the original post:

Individuals can change the world, and for us to change the course that society is on it will be individuals that will have to lead the changes. It’s only individual people who have the ability to change the world when it comes to environmental issues.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Code Pink For Peace, Arresting Protesters, Marcy Kaptur, AEGIS, and Defense Department Oversight

Ok, so these next snippets and articles are somewhat related, inter-related, and too vast for me to explain all of it. As some of you may know there were hearings all day by the oversight committe on Private Contractors. Of the parties who gave testimony were Blackwater CEO Erik Prince and members of the State Department. During this session, I was astounded at some of the numbers I heard and the testimony of our state department, let alone the lack of oversight on Blackwater and other private security forces currently in Iraq. Here are just a few of the snippets, please contact C-Span for full transcripts.

* Blackwater has conducted 3,073 Missions on Behalf of the State Department (The American People do not hear about these because they are private contractors, we even outsource our military operations)

* A State Department Official testified that American Troops and Diplomats are attacked on average 6,000 times per month.

* The State Department testified today that the issue of jurisdiction "is now" being examined. {our military and private security forces are immune from Iraqi law- CPA Order 17, they are now examining how to provide oversight}

* Blackwater was given the no-bid contract on the basis of urgency and compelling circumstances. Four other companies were considered, no one asked who they were.

* In 2001 Blackwater had less than 1 million in private security contracts with the State Dept. Now they have over 1 Billion.

* There are 160,000 private independent contractors in Iraq.

* Security Officers from private companies are hired @ 2-3 times that of primary American commanders in Iraq

Quotes from Henry Waxman (Oversight Committee Chair)

To State Department:

"We've had better response from Blackwater than we have from the State Department"
"You provide oversight to Blackwater and we provide oversight to you"
"You owe us more answers and we are going to continue to try and get them."

Then later I was watching this video about peaceful protester being arrested outside of a "pro-war rally". The organization involved in the protest was code pink and two mentionables at the pro war rally were Joe Lieberman and John McCain.

So I looked up code pink to see what they were all about and I came across this video of Code Pink members talking with Toledo's own Marcy Kaptur. She has a frank discussion about the occupation of Iraq, the story that is being kept from the American people, and the name drop of a private contractor from England AEGIS. If she tells Code Pink to investigate AEGIS, then dammit I am going to look into it as well. I did not have to look real hard to find out that this private contractor was given a 2 year contract worth 475 million.

The occupation of Iraq is costing billions of dollars and most everyone in the know knows that we are not paying for it now. People in my generation and younger will be bearing the burden of this occupation long after these people are out of office or in retirement. We do not see any of these statistics on attacks, crimes, and spending because it is outsourced to private companies. The American people are paying for these contracts and people are letting it continue.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The U.S. Embassy in Iraq Update

Here is a link for a blog post by Jill over at Writes Like She Talks. It contains a link for a new article about the size (80 football fields) scope (a city within a city, while most iraqis don't have necessities) and cost (568 million sound like enough?) of the project.

So I guess the occupation of Iraq is going alright?

Sorry, you have to click on the title link to see the post and article!

Iraq War, Blackwater, Military Industrial Complex, Corruption

This is a good video from the Bill Moyers journal. It outlines some of the corruption, politicking, and private scandal that is the Iraq Occupation [it is a war no more]. Namely:

*2008 -- Will be the most expensive year to date for this military plan. [When I am older, I will refuse to pay for this sham]

* 6 Billion in contracts under criminal review.
* 88 Billion in contracts audited for criminal fraud.
* Shey Assad- Dept. of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy -- "We have not done a good job at educating our leadership...on the ground on "doing contracting""
* 630 Private companies are under U.S government employment in Iraq [Bigger than Blackwater]
* There is no financial reporting
*Whistleblower Rober Isakson talks about a scheme where hee was asked to file fake invoices for work. The company allegedly recieved 10 million for 3 million worth of work [ahhh. America]
* Condi Rice is holding off the release of key Blackwater documents.

Thanks Bill for keeping it real :)

Mike Gravel, Hillary Clinton, The White House, Joe Lieberman, War with Iran

Here is a classic video of Mike Gravel at last weeks democratic debate. He applauds some colleagues for voting against legislation to give Bush authority to invade Iran and he scolds Hillary for voting for it. The legislation was written by our Independent friend (he ran as an independent because he lost the republican primary last year) Joe Lieberman. Here is Gravel's blog reply to Hillary from the Huffington post.

Air Strikes being mulled over, The White House says they are still persuing dimplomacy...[today].

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